Videos from session #03

3rd session - Talking to Ethereum - EVM's Stack Based Execution + Cryptographic Key Generation + MetaMask + Simple Transactions + DApp Games

DApps Dev Club held its third session - Talking to Ethereum - yesterday, where we covered the stack-based execution model used by the Ethereum Virtual Machine, means to generate cryptographic keys for use in Ethereum wallet software, using MetaMask, performing simple transactions, and DApp Games. We briefly touched on Solidity, and will go into a lot more depth in the next session.

We will do a round up summarising the session soon. We've written a summary of this session here.

The videos

🎞 Intro

🎞 Recap + EVM's Stack-based Execution Model

🎞 Cryptographic Key Generation (hands-on)

🎞 Simple Transactions with MetaMask (hands-on)

🎞 Solidity

🎞 DApp Games

🎞 Summary + Next Session


A big thanks to Gerald & Wing for helping with the recordings, and to Solomon from BitTemple for setting up the venue.

Also thanks to EngineersSG, especially Michael Cheng, for their excellent DIY tech meetup recording guide without which we would probably have no recordings!


As mentioned in our video recordings post for the previous session, AV is an area in which we started off with close to no experience, and we have a steep learning curve ahead of us.

Low volume: This is still a problem that we have not figured out. We may need to do some post-processing to rectify amp up the volume, if we can't figure out a way to record at the right level.

Poor colour contrast: We have fixed our slide colour scheme such that the code snippets are easier to read - let us know if you think it can be improved further.

Multiple parts: Instead of recording (and uploading) the entire session as one very long video, we record them multiple short videos now. Easier said than done of course… now we have decided to make the background colour of the slides where the transition from one part to the next is a different colour from the background colour of all the other slides. This acts as a cue for us as well as the audience.

Turnaround time: In the previous session, we managed to post the videos two days after the event. This time we're doing it the very next day!

Next session

Our fourth session will be on Tuesday 9th April. Please let us know if you're planning to attend, as it helps with planning!

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