Videos from session #02

2nd session - Tech overview - EVM + Smart Contracts + Web3 - Videos

DApps Dev Club held its second session - Technical overview - on Tuesday, where we covered the Ethereum Virtual Machine, Smart Contracts, and Web3.

Read more about it in our round up post.

The videos

🎞 Intro

🎞 The Ethereum Virtual Machine

🎞 Remix Compilation Hands-on

🎞 Smart Contracts

🎞 Code-state Blockchain Hands-on

🎞 Web 3

🎞 Q&A + Outro


A big thanks to Wing for helping with the recordings, and to Dennis from Acronis for their excellent AV set up at the venue.

Also thanks to EngineersSG, especially Michael Cheng, for their excellent DIY tech meetup recording guide without which we would probably have no recordings!


Audio-visual is an area in which we began with little-to-no skills and experience, and this aspect of running a these events has been a steep learning curve for us! No learning is truly complete without some form of self-assessment, so here goes:

In the recordings for the Kickoff session, you may have noticed that the video of the speakers was choppy - extremely slow framerate - while the rest of it was normal. We have managed to troubleshoot this, and you'll see that this issue is no longer present in the videos above.

Another thing that we're happy with is the turnaround time - previously we took over a week to get the videos processed, uploaded, and posted on this site. This time, the whole set was turned around in just three days, which we're pretty happy with!

An area for improvement that we've identified is the colour contrast on the slide deck - we will make sure that this is better in the next session!

Next session

Our third session will be on Tuesday 26th March. Please let us know if you're planning to attend, as it helps with planning!

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