post-COVID hack 2020 community partner

DApps Dev Club is proud to be a community partner for the post-COVID hack 2020!

The world has changed remarkably and drastically in the advent of this pandemic, and re-emerging from this is going to be big challenge for all. For the less fortunate, however, the challenge is much greater.

The mission of this hackathon is to help those in most need resume their normal lives, or improve their lives, post-pandemic. Socio-economic inclusion is absolutely vital for this to happen.

This hackathon features multiple challenges, which represent various avenues to disrupt the status quo, and make socio-economic inclusion for those who currently are denied it. Help to make the most vulnerable people resilient in the face of this crisis!

Participating teams are encouraged to use decentralised technologies to solve these problems:

We believe this to be a noble mission - one that should be tackled even without the pandemic, but it is all the more urgent to do so now. Hence DApps Dev Club encourages all of you to put your heads together, to help solve these problems.