Videos from session #10

Front-end setup + Web3.js scaffold + Smart contract interactions: Queries, mutations, and listening to events

We held our 10th session - the Finale - earlier this week, at Chainstack.

This session featured three guest speakers. The summary post for this session is already out, and has you covered for all the details.

The videos

🎞 Intro & Hackathons

🎞 Thomas Lee on Permissioned Networks

🎞 Wong Wai Chung on Verifiable Credentials

🎞 Calvin Cheng on Non-blockchain DLTs

🎞 Outro


As mentioned in our previous video posts, all of our videos are now available on Engineers.SG!

Check us out: DApps Dev Club on Engineers.SG


The audio quality for this session appears to be much better than the previous sessions, although I am not exactly sure what has changed that made the difference. My AV skills clearly are very much in the "don't know what I don't know" stage at the moment.

There was a brief glitch in the second video (featuring Thomas), that needed to be cut out at around the 08:30 mark, but nothing important occurred then - just the transition period while swapping from slide deck to demo video - so that worked out well!

Sessions 7, 8, 9

On a more general note, I have yet to upload the videos from sessions seven, eight, and nine. A few of you have been - sometimes anxiously 😬 - asking whether they have been recorded.

The answer is yes they have indeed been recorded, and the plan is to upload them as soon as time permits!

Next season

DApps Dev Club is planning to hold its next session season soon!

… but we would like to hear from you first!

  • What are the other networks that you would like to build DApps on?
  • Are there any upcoming hackathons that you would like to build a DApp at?
  • What would you like to learn about in DApps Dev Club season #2?
  • Do you have a venue that we can use for session in season #2?
  • Do you have cash to splash to sponsor sessions in season #2?

Please join the DApps Dev Club chat group and let me know your answers to the above.