Info about session #08

What you need to know about our 8th session!

DApps Dev Club is holding its 8th session, about smart contract security, on Tuesday, 11th June.

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Here's what you need to know!


The session will be held at Chainstack's office in Suntec City.

Thanks Ashlie for helping us run the event!


We have yet to put up the round up post or videos from the previous session - sorry about that - things are getting pretty busy around here, especially with NBC'19 around the corner!

Fortunately, this session does not lean on any material covered in the previous session, but rather presents some completely new material.

Specifically, for this session, what we have lined up:

  • IPFS basics
  • Extending limited smart contract storage via IPFS


For this session, the main preparation that you will need to do is to install IPFS.


In the previous sessions, a few of you did say that you felt you were ready to start developing your own DApps, and asked for some project ideas to work on. We're stoked!

… for those who are interested, please take your ideas to our chat group, or come and talk with us during the session - we have a few interesting ones for you to tackle!

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See you all again soon!