Info about session #06

What you need to know about our 6th session!

DApps Dev Club is holding its 6th session, about front end development using web3.js, on Tuesday, 14th May.

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Here's what you need to know!


The session will be held at Chainstack's office in Suntec City.

Thanks Ashlie for helping us run the event!


In our previous sessions, we have been focussed very much on smart contracts, and have done very little to do with with the other big area in DApp development: The client.

For this session, we will focus on writing a client application for smart contracts as a web application, using web3.js. Those of you who have been following along doing the hands-on parts in our sessions, you would have already used some parts of web3.js in a different context.

Specifically, we will cover:

  • Call and send
  • Payable functions
  • Gas estimation
  • Event listening
  • Transaction signing

As with the previous session, there will be hands on parts, so please bring along your laptops!


A basic level of Javascript will be required for this session, as we will be using it during the session. Here are some recommendations on where to learn Javascript.

(arranged in order, from lowest to highest time commitment required.)

The reason for this is that we will be writing tests for our smart contracts in Javascript, not Solidity.

So if you're not familiar with Javascript, or need a refresher, please make use of one of the resources above, and get up to speed. You need not feel daunted though, as we have enlisted the help of some volunteers from the SingaporeJS community, as well as the broader developer community here, who are familiar with Javascript, in order to help you all out during the session.

I can haz Javascript?

Set up

Apart from learning (or refreshing) your Javascript skills, there is also some software that needs to be set up, in order to follow along with the hands-on parts of the session.

(You would already have these installed if you've been following along with our previous sessions!)

Only one new tool needs to be installed, a static file HTTP server:

npm install --global http-server

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See you all again soon!