Lifelong Learning Institute partners with DApps Dev Club

as part of their Learning Circles program

DApps Dev Club is excited to announce that we will be partnering with the Lifelong Learning Institute, which is run by SkillsFuture Singapore. LLI has kindly offered to fund us under their Learning Circles program.

Lifelong Learning Institute SkillsFuture logo

Let’s hear about it from Dr Leong Li Ming, who is the principal manager of LLI.

Brendan: The DApps Dev Club is happy to announce that the Lifelong Learning Institute is partnering with us. We have Dr Leong, who is the Principal Manager at LLI, to tell us a bit about what they do, their Learning Circles program, and SkillsFuture.

Dr Leong: LLI is very happy to support DApps Dev Club Learning Circles program.

Brendan: Thank you very much, both from us the organisers, as well as on behalf of everyone attending our sessions.

Dr Leong: As the first adult learning campus in Singapore, LLI (one of two continuing Education and Training Campuses set up by SkillsFuture Singapore) aims to make skills upgrading accessible to the local workforce. We see peer-led learning through Learning Circles as an important contribution to this effort. For those new to this concept, Learning Circles are small groups of individuals that meet regularly to reinforce learning on particular topics. Learning can be offline, online or blended but most importantly, it is the creation of small peer-led learning communities.

Brendan: What do you think of what we are doing in our sessions?

Dr Leong: DApps Dev Club is a great example of a Learning Circle with their regular collaborative development of DApps and project work. You get to learn together and reinforce each other’s learning.

Brendan: Thank you very much Dr Leong. I think that the Learning Circles programme is a really good fit for anyone running tech meetups - so if you're part of another group, and I know that many of you are, tell your organisers about it!

Once again, a big thanks to Lifelong Learning Institute, for partnering with us. We will see you at our next session. In the meantime, join the discussion.