Info about session #04

What you need to know about our 4th session!

DApps Dev Club is holding its 4th session on Tuesday. RSVP now!

Here's what you need to know about the session!


The session will be held at Chainstack's office in Suntec City. Thanks Ashlie for helping us run the event!

Dr Leong Li-Ming, principal manager of Lifelong Learning Institute (SkillsFutureSG), will be there to talk about their partnership with the DApps Dev Club. LLI will be providing the refreshments for the evening - thanks!

We will also have an exciting announcement about NBC'19, from its organiser, Wing.


We will be learning about Solidity and development tools used to work with smart contracts.

  • Solidity syntax
  • solc
  • ganache
  • truffle

As with the previous session, there will be hands on sections, so please bring along your laptops!

We will also have a guest speaker, Alex Towle, who will be joining in via video, to talk about some advanced Solidity concepts.


In order to run the session smoothly, and not run out of time to cover the thing we want to cover, and also to not jam up the Internet at the venue, let's please install all the required software ahead of time.

While Javascript is not required for this session, we will be using it in session #05. Some of you have asked me in our previous sessions for recommendations on where to learn Javascript.

(arranged in order, from lowest to highest time commitment required.)

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See you all soon!