BitTemple partners with DApps Dev Club

BitTemple partners with DApps Dev Club

DApps Dev Club is excited to announce that we will be partnering with the BitTemple. BitTemple has kindly offered us a venue to host our sessions once per month - so every alternate DApps Dev Club session will be held at their space, starting with session #03.

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Let’s hear about it from 张欣慈 - Zhang Dada - who is the Global Product Director of BitTemple.

Brendan: Hi Dada! A huge thanks on behalf of everyone attending our session, and myself of course, for your venue. Our even-numbered sessions already have a venue, and now, with BitTemple on board, our odd-numbered sessions have a home too, and we’re finally sorted for all of our remaining sessions.

Dada: We are also very happy to be working with your team. We believe we can collaborate and achieve more success together.

Brendan: Let’s start with BitTemple. How did BitTemple start, and what do you do?

Dada: We provide support to technological firms and startups in terms of event management, networking and resource pooling. Our hot desks and office spaces are also very comfy for tech talent to collaborate together.

Brendan: So you’re not just a co-working space, but also an incubator. Tell us more about that.

Dada: The co-working space functions as the hub for several established blockchain incubators, and it has a strong mix of project teams, investors, and entrepreneurs, all in the blockchain industry. Weekly, events such as fireside chats, cocktail parties, and networking events, are hosted by BitTemple and our partners bring forth knowledge and inspiration all the time.

Brendan: I’ve noticed that you regularly hold events in your space, a lot of them educational.

Dada: Yes, that this is one of the means by which we help our partners and tenants to reach out to the public.

Brendan: When we spoke to you about what we’re doing, DApps Dev Club, what did you think about us?

Dada: I think your team is doing a great thing for the community by imparting technical knowledge to anyone who is interested. The development of new technologies require a lot of collaboration between people and I believe your community is ready to achieve this.

Brendan: I think that it’s really great that you are keen to support education in this field. And thanks for your confidence in us!

Dada: We’re look forward to seeing your sessions in our space!

Once again, a big thanks to BitTemple, for partnering with us. See you at our next session! In the meantime, join the discussion.