We have a guest speaker: Alex Towle

He will be doing a deep dive solidity compiler, and EVM internals

In Session #04, one of the topics that we will be covering is solc - the solidity compiler. DApps Dev Club is excited to announce that we will have lined up an amazing speaker for this topic: Alex Towle.

Alex is the engineering lead at Authio, and if that wasn’t enough, he is also starting a school in the middle of a Costa Rican jungle to teach kids there about computers. That is a truly amazing story in itself … but we’ll save that for another post. What really stands out here is his true dedication to education.

You can find Alex on github, on twitter, on medium, and on linkedin.

The solidity compiler takes solidity code as input, which is a high-level programming language that is human readable. It produces two outputs: the ABI and EVM bytecode, which are much lower-level, and are not intended to be human readable.

(as an aside, have a read of this blog post - and it will be quite apparent that he actually can read EVM bytecode!)

Alex will take us through what the ABI and EVM bytecode are, and do a deep dive into how the EVM executes this bytecode. For those who already know solidity, you probably will learn something new too.

We are truly happy to have Alex talk about this, as his knowledge of the EVM internals is spectacular - all of you attending are in for a treat!