What would you like to create?

Ideas welcome! Feedback welcome!

The Decentralised Apps Development Club plans to meet regularly, twice a month. In each meeting we will review the previous session’s topic, and discuss a new topic. In between sessions, we work on the current topic so as to have something to bring to the next one.

We will be running the kick off session February 2019.

Picking what we should cover in the sessions is very very hard, simply because there is so much to learn in this space. So we would like your input - what would you like to develop, and collaborate on in our very first series?

Learning works best when theory is put to practice. The key here is collaboration - the club as a whole will learn how to develop, collaborate on, and develop DApps together. It is key, therefore, to pick something that all members can work on together.

So here is the plan: We will kick off the first session by asking everyone what we would like to create together. Subsequently, as we progress, we will evolve this if necessary.