Introducing the Decentralised Apps Development Club

Why we're creating this club

Cryptocurrencies are about much more than just money and investing.

There are many technologies underpinning them: Cryptography, peer-to-peer communication, distributed consensus, decentralised storage, smart contracts, and many more.

2018 was the year when cryptocurrencies leapt from being known about by a small number of nerdy people to the mainstream. It did so, in large part due to the gold rush, buying and selling them. They were a whole new asset class as an investment vehicle, and the market could not get enough of it.

However, when attending the local meetups dedicated to cryptocurrencies, we have found that all of them focus on their finance and investment aspects, and not so much about the technology they are based on. Even among those that are more technology oriented, they tend to be talks that pitch the speakers’ projects.

What is missing, we feel, in the meetup ecosystem, is how does one actually go about developing applications using this new set of technologies.

This is the impetus for the Decentralised Apps Development Club - a group that meets regularly, to learn, collaborate, and build DApps together on a regular basis. More details to come soon!