Our Partners

The DApps Dev Club would like to thank all of our partners!


Many thanks to Microsoft for providing their excellent venue for our kickoff session.

Chainstack and Acronis for providing their excellent venue once per month - for all of our even-numbered sessions.

BitTemple for providing their excellent venue once per month as well - for all of our odd-numbered sessions.

Ideally we need a venue that can host all ten of our sessions (they run twice per month). It needs to be reasonably central, have WiFi, and have a projector.

Get in touch if you would like to sponsor venues for upcoming series.

Food and Beverage

Our sessions will run after work hours on weekdays, and we don't want to go hungry/ thirsty while learning and building.

Thanks very much to Microsoft for sponsoring our F&B for our kickoff session.

Thanks very much to Lifelong Learning Institute for sponsoring our F&B for the rest of our sessions.

We're still looking for F&B for our remaining sessions.

With our current budget we are only able to provide light refreshments for you, so if you would like to sponsor more for the remaining sessions.

Community outreach

Spartan Group - a big thanks to Melody, Casper, and Gavin from Spartan Group for helping us to connect with the right people from the community.

NBC'19 - a big thanks to Wing from NBC'19 for helping out with the AV recording, and the graphic designs.

Blockchain & DApps meetup - a big thanks to Kenneth (yes, the same Kenneth who's running this running DApps Dev Club) for outreach via his meetup group.

StartupToken Singapore meetup - a big thanks to Yacine for outreach via his meetup group, and his telegram group.

Crypto Jobs List - a big thanks to Raman for outreach within his community, and his telegram group.

Audio Visual

Sometimes you genuinely cannot make it to a session IRL - last-minute stuff crops up, life gets in the way, we get it!

That's why we'd like to make sure you can have a way for you to catch up on a session that you missed, by recording them.

A big thanks to EngineersSG, for their excellent DIY tech meetup recording guide. Especially Michael Cheng for answering all of our questions, and helping to troubleshoot our set up.

In addition to our video posts, you can also watch DApps Dev Club videos on Engineers.SG!

What's in it for you?

If you're looking to partner with us there's a spot on this page with your name and logo on it!

Not to mention, that you'll be on the slide deck shown at the beginning of each session, with a chance for you to say a few words about yourself, as well as a spot for your logo on the event banners.

Also, we'll interview you to announce our partnership, and you that's an opportunity to showcase what you do in long form. Check out our existing partnership accouncements.

Of course, it isn't just that - developers are a scarce resource, and hard to hire for. The DApps Dev Club is attended by developers + aspiring developers. Now you connect the dots! 😉

If you have space to spare in your office, can take on the F&B tab, have a community to broadcast to, or can help out with AV, please get in touch with @bguiz, or on our discord.

Lifelong Learning Institute

Lifelong Learning Institute - DApps Dev Club Partner


SkillsFutureSG - DApps Dev Club Partner


Chainstack - DApps Dev Club Partner


Acronis - DApps Dev Club Partner


BitTemple - DApps Dev Club Partner


NBC'19 - DApps Dev Club Partner


Engineers.SG - DApps Dev Club Partner

Spartan Group

Spartan Group - DApps Dev Club Partner


StartupToken - DApps Dev Club Partner

Crypto Jobs List

Crypto Jobs List - DApps Dev Club Partner